Yes, We are still in business

March 21, 2014 by Diane

I had a call today at the shop asking if we were still in business. I did not realize i have not posted since October. Gina is my new partner at Special Day Consignment. She has been a friend for years and is owner of A Lil Bit of Planning, an event and catering business. She is a much better writer than I am and hopefully will update this site more often. We did add the facebook feed to this site. We keep that updated with all new items and take down photos when the items sell. Thanks for reading

October 2013

October 7, 2013 by Diane

Well I cannot believe i have not written since August. For that I am sorry. The shop is doing well. We have so many beautiful things that we are running out of room. I put a bid in on a new building in the CedarWood Plaza in NE Rochester. I will keep you posted on that deal.
With all the newly engaged couples, congratulations and the time will pass quickly. Remember to budget your money as well as your time.
We have everything you would need for that special event. Wedding dresses, bridesmaids, dresses for the Mothers and all different kinds of decorations and candles. We try to be your one stop shop. Many of the items we have are new. This is one way to stretch you budget. Stop in and let us know you read our blog and we will give you 15% off your purchases. See our ad on

School is starting

August 14, 2013 by Diane

School is starting and with that comes Homecoming. Special Day Consignment has you covered. We have both long and short formals and semi formal dresses for you. Save some money and buy pre owned.
As for your wedding, we have you covered too. We got in many new and pre owned wedding dresses. These are beautiful and no one would ever guess you saved money this way. After all new is new no matter where you purchase it. We also have a long list of decorations available. Stop by our Facebook page and see what we have. Facebook/Special Day Consignment. We are located in Rochester MN and open on Friday Saturday and Sunday

Welcome to Special Day Consignment page.

July 19, 2013 by Diane

Good morning.  Thank you for visiting our page.  We are a small business that caters to those who are needing formals and wedding items.  Every item that comes through the door is inventoried and photographed then placed on our Facebook page. I linked that page to this site so those who come here will be able to get to our facebook page.

We have many new as well as pre owned dresses and things for weddings.  Some brides buy too much of something so we get them. The latest was favor boxes.  We also have birch decor and cake stands from Crown Birch.

Please consider us for your purchasing needs. We appreciate your business and welcome word of mouth advertising.


4th of July.

July 6, 2013 by Diane

Happy 4th of July to all of America. I spent the weekend at Riverfest in LaCrosse WI. I was helping Fairie Cakes LLC out with their booth. I think small businesses have to stick together to be successful. She has brought her cupcakes down to the shop on a few occassions to offer a treat to those shopping in Special Day Consignment, so I returned the favor. It was fun and really hot.
To the brides, I would like to remind you that we have everything you need for your wedding. Decorations, dresses, and something to dress the mother of bride/groom. Many of our items are brand new and never worn.
We can save you a lot of money by shopping here and using what someone else purchased new. There is no shame in purchasing pre-owned. Unless you tell them, they will never know. Stop in and see our selection of items.
You can see our new commercial at or google us on YouTube.
Thank you for supporting us. Diane

June is half over already.

June 19, 2013 by Diane

I cannot believe that June is half over already. The June brides are in the honeymood period, the brides to be are busy preparing and Special Day Consignment is here to help both. We are consigning decorations right now so others can buy your style and flair.

Spring in Rochester MN

April 26, 2013 by Diane

It has been a couple months since I was here last. For that I am sorry.  The shop has really taken off.  We have so many new customers coming in.  With prom it has been really hectic with girls coming in to get the best deals.

Please follow us on Facebook/Special Day Consignment or  We are on both sites and follow those pages much more.

I will try to keep this page updated also so please tell your friends.  I have a couple new photos for you to see.

We have a set of these.


As you can see we have new as well as pre owned dresses for all shapes and sizes.  Our wedding dress selection is the same way. We have all ranges of designers and prices.  About 1/3 of our dresses are brand new never worn.

Please tell your friends about our small business. Word of mouth is our best advertising.

Our first year in business.

December 14, 2012 by Diane

This year has gone by so quickly. It is hard to believe that we started setting up the shop for our grand opening January 9, 1012 a year ago already.  I have learned so much this year thanks to my customers and others in the wedding business.

We joined the Rochester Chamber of Commerce and that gave us community support. They were helpful in getting the word out that we were in business. They did a ribbon cutting ceremony on June 29th.  There were several people on hand to congratulate us that day.

That was also the week that they started construction on the street and sidewalk in front of the shop.  There was one lane from that week until November.  That did not deter our customers from coming in to consign items and to look and buy from us.

Our first wedding dress came in from a gentleman from Mankato MN.  It was a beautiful dress. He had found it while cleaning out an apartment.  It still had the tags on it. We were happy to take this is and used it as our cover for Facebook for a while.

Well, that dress never sold and he just picked it up in December. We do not usually keep items that long in the shop, but it had and still has special meaning for us.  It meant that someone trusted us to sell their items.

We never dreamed we would have run out of room for that dress but we have so many new and worn once dresses that we had to  give it up.  Thank you Denny for letting us consign that beautiful dress.

We joined The this year. We thought by doing that we would get our name out there to the brides.  Our daughter used that site for several purchases for her wedding, so we decided to try it.  I do not know if it brought anyone in to purchase anything, but we ended up with many brides looking at our photos and clicking to find our Facebook page.

ForeverTV called us to ask about what our shop was about and I met with Ashley.  She was very helpful in how we could work our business to help with sales and advertising. We became the 4th business to come along side them and advertise with them.  They are now Forever Bride and so many Minnesota brides log onto their site and can see our shop  advertisement for both dresses and decorations that we have in the shop.

You can find us on under both Wedding dresses and decor and rental. I tried to link the site but I am not that savvy yet.

In November, We knew we were on the radar.  We had someone bring in their unused wedding dress and veil.  It is an Amalia Cararra dress and veil.  The price on this gown and veil retails at 7999.00 but we have it at 1425.00 for the 2 items. Can not beat that deal.


Then I saw this blog on The Krazy Coupon Ladies..It really brings home how our consignment shop can save you money. I posted the blog here.


Wedding gown prices are high enough to turn any bride into a bridezilla, but do not fear! There are many solutions to get the gown of your dreams for much less plus keep the cost down for your bridal party!

A few weeks ago, I went into a well-known bridal shop with my mother and sister. It was my first time trying on gowns, so I didn’t expect to fall in love with one of my selections. But I did fall in love! Like every other bride, I’m on a budget, and the dress was a little out of my price range. I searched the web and was able to get my $1,125 bridal shop dress for just $500! And I found a gorgeous rhinestone, beaded headband for $30!

It is possible to score huge savings for wedding attire, whether you’ll be a bridesmaid, the bride, a guest, or other member of that special day.


Consignment stores sell all-things wedding: Votive candle holders, table linens, gifts, bridal gowns and formal wear. Bridesmaid dresses are also here, along with mother-of-the-bride dresses, jewelry and every other imaginable item needed for a wedding. It’s like a wedding-themed department store loaded with gently used inventory. But like many resale shops, there are also items that have never been worn or used. What a lot of people don’t know is that indecisive brides flock here to sell their unused wedding dresses when they have fallen for another gown. There are also plenty of little shops that unload their sample gowns here, where they are sold for rock-bottom prices! A recent find included an Ann Taylor silk taffeta halter wedding dress, size 8, new with tags, for $100 (regular price: $595). You can search for gowns (bridal and bridesmaids) by style number. Don’t forget to check out their accessories and decorations, too!

 It also offers DIY tips for weddings and  features a gallery of real weddings. It’s a go-to site for advice on how to create a stylish, unique wedding on a tight budget. Find high-end bridal gowns and bargains alike, such as a Vera Wang short draped dress in a size 8 for $50 (regular price $135).

This is a guest post by Cheryl from St. Cloud, FL
Find out more about KCL Contributor Network!


Here are some examples of what they are talking about and what we have in stock here. All brand new never been worn for a fraction of the cost in the bridal salons.

we have 7 of these new with tags

Now my Thank Yous:

Richard, my son, helped me get up and running. He made sure that my computer worked and the programs we needed worked.  He also worked in the shop for most of this first year. He has found a new job since he graduated college but helps when needed.

My daughter, Jennifer, is one big reason we started this shop. She knew how much weddings cost and refused to pay full price for something used for only a few hours.  After having so much trouble finding items for her, this dream came true for me.  She watches for people who are looking for a specific item for their wedding and lets them know that Special Day Consignment exists.  She came home from Colorado to help with the ribbon cutting and open house for the shop.  I am thankful for her and her husbands support for the shop.

Ken, my loving husband, is always here to fix something, put a piece of equipment together or just take out the garbage. Without his love and support and occasional open wallet, I would not be sitting in the shop writing this.  I love that he supports me in whatever I do and picks up the slack at home so I can be down here on my days off from Blue Cross and Blue Shield of MN.

Last, I could not do it without you the reader, consignor, and customer.  We know that money is tight and you want only the best on your wedding day.  The consignors let us sell their items to the new bride so everyone gets what they deserve.  The general public needs to learn that consignment does not mean used or left over, but a place to look for items they need.  Special Day Consignment has new and never worn dresses in our shop.

Thank you so much for spending the first year in business with us here at Special Day Consignment.  We will keep you posted on our progress as well as our inventory.



Consignment shops are full of New Items.

November 23, 2012 by Diane

This month was a great time for inventory, but probably not for every bride.  We got in 3 sets of bridal party dresses. For one reason or another, the weddings did not happen.  This is where a bride to be can save a lot of her money.  Every bride has her idea on what her wedding should look like, or what she should have.  When shopping at our consignment shop, we have so much inventory that has been used but you would never know it, and new items.  Some of the pictures are brand new with tags and some are cleaned, pressed and ready for the next bride.  Let’s see if you can tell the difference.  If you saw the price tag, you would know right away.  That is the nice thing about our shop. No one need know that you bought it at such a discount. All anyone will see is how beautiful the bridal party looks and how happy the Bride is.

It amazes me how much weddings cost today. 22 years ago, my wedding cost me about 800.00 dollars.  Granted I did not wear a wedding dress.  My dress was a simple royal blue with lace.  But I know that my Maid of Honor did not pay a hundred dollars for her dress.  I guess it all depends on what you want and how much you have to spend.

originally sold for 1100.00

Raspberry dresses New with tags 7 total dresses sizes 8- to 12

Table runners and glassware are used but cleaned. You would never know that someone used it before you.

New or Used? Can you tell the difference?

October 26, 2012 by admin

Today was a busy day in the shop. We had so many customers in looking and bringing in things to consign. I am watching these customers look through our inventory and wondered if they could tell by looking what was new and what was used. Then I wondered if an item is bought at ABC bridal and then taken out of the store is it then considered used or does it have to be worn in a wedding to be considered used. You look at these and try to decide new or used items. You can see them all in Rochester at the shop or we can ship them to you anywhere in USA.